HOUSE RULES, evaluation process & morE!



  • Dogs must first undergo a meet and greet/evaluation with our Wag & Brew team
  • Dogs must be more than three months old
  • Dogs must be neutered/spayed (if more than 7 months old)
  • Current on required vaccines: Distemper, Rabies, Bordetella
  • Free of any communicable disease for 30 days
  • Free of fleas and ticks! 


  • Your furry friend
  • Their food (adequate amounts for the length of their stay)
  • Medications (if needed).

Evaluation, Meet and greet process

  • First one of our staff members will go over some paperwork to discuss health history and dog behavior with dog parent.
  • Then, we will do a snout to tail assessment to identify sensitivity in touch that dogs may have.
  • We will comb to asses flea and ticks. 
  • Your dog/s will be introduced to other dogs on leash and at a time in separate area from play area.
  • Once we feel they are doing well on leash we will let the dog/s off leash and observe how they play.
  • Once your dog have meet multiple dogs from our pack, we will introduce your dog/s to the play area.
  • During the evaluation we will observe for any signs of aggression or severe anxiety that may make the unsuitable for the group play. 
  • Approved, YES/NO? Hopefully YES!


For Boarding dogs 6 am/7 am - 7am/8am: Breakfast time
7am/8am - 11:30 am: Free play time (2 or 3 potty breaks in between )
11:30 am - 1pm: Nap time / Lunch  break / Treat time
1 pm - 3pm: Ball time, tugs, tunnel and ramp training
3pm - 5 pm: Snooze, Story time & Cuddle time
5pm - 6 pm: Dinner time
6pm- 7pm: Last play time
7pm -8 pm: Lights out & Last potty break


10 am - 11:30am: Free play time (2 or 3 potty breaks in between)
11:30 am - 1pm: Nap time / Lunch  break / Treat time
1 pm - 3pm: Ball time, tugs, tunnel and ramp training
3pm - 5 pm: Snooze, Story time, Cuddle time
5pm - 7pm: Brushing hair, freshen up & ready to go back home!